life lessons

don't know why things always go this way, the ass hats spelled my last name wrong. now most people would just be happy to be published but this means the 10 cents I would have gotten for the one copy sold I get nothing good day sir. 

 I have realized that life is like a cliff, too much rain will bring you sliding down, too much sun will bring you crumbling down. the question is which do you want to do?


WTF people SUCK

What is with people and gun control, do criminals follow the law? no so you can put all that control out the window with that, did the sandy hook shooting happen because they let some crazy guy buy a gun, no again he took them from someone that (his mother) that bought the guns legally.
For all the Hitler signed bills taking guns away to people, he only took it from the people he wanted to repress the Jews.  so unless the government want to repress its people and they are not going to segregate us out ( oh wait a min) any way I don't think we have a lot to worry about I am sure one of are alias would come and save us if it ever came to that point.  because I am sure they would love it if they could come over and stick there nose in are business as we do to them all the time.
instead of a bill that limits us from obtaining fire arms how about we just stop selling military weapons to the public. I don't see a need for them in the public sector unless I am wrong I have not been to Detroit in awhile.
so I know the sandy hook this was a mess, let me tell you I could not have been happier to hug my kids when i picked them up after that was smeared all over the news. but to tell you the truth I have a hard time believing all that was said that day or the days after it, there are just to many news reports to look at that don't add up. I am not saying it did not happen but I do feel there is either more to the story then we are being told or there is a lot less to the story then we have been feed.
My hart may be black in many areas and quite jaded from time, still goes out to the one that lost their children.


the next greats

I want to introduce you to the next big band/group/artiest (I use much of the wording loosely), I know I don't normally make these kind of perditions. but once you put the auto tune to them they will be the next thing that will be big, right up there with the real dumb girl what's her name nicki menotios (ménage à trois) this is what happens when you have a person that should have been dragged to the street and made a example of for the pore translation of French.

well I hope you enjoyed the next big thing for are youth to grow up apone.


Freeing my internet (what the fuck is the Internet)

So almost a month was wasted on what, calling lost of calling yelling and screaming at stupid people (sorry to the not so stupid people that may work there). Over 80+ people called and got close to that many different stories why you may ask well because my internet was capped, and as some of you know this house holed uses the piss out of the internet.
so I will not go in the very long dragged out story unless someone has lots of time to waste you can ask for it I may just post that shit ass long story for you .  but that sort version of this is they put a 150gb cap on the net started about a year ago was unaware of this, got a few emails saying i was going over my data usage plan. what the fucks is a data usage plan call up was told that is for a cell phone (ok don't have on with you guys) told to just ignore the email.  get a few more email like this send them to the shit can also, get another telling me i have gone over and will be charged now. call up again and was told of this data usage plan that I have tell them i do not have a usage plan i get a unlimited access have ever cents I signed up with them.  was told they put everyone on this and capped you use of the internet to 150gb a month if  you go over you are charged.
so asked how can i track this on my end so don't go over, given a shit web site with the company that tells me any were from 3 to 7 days ago but that's about it, the site also tells you that you can view 30,000 email watch 5000 1min utube clips or watch 48 standard movies a month or 24 HD movies a month.  all this for the same great price we were charging you for the unlimited access you had before.

this pissed me off and I went head on it to the depths of this beast, called other companies found what their caps were on their internet 250 was the lowest I found so my carrier was way lower than that, got even more pissed with all the stuff that connects to you internet now how the hell can you put a cap that low? so start calling over and over to find someone to help, get no were find lots of people that have not a clue what the internet even is.
so i start the cold calling of numbers pulled from the web, find a head quarts and work my way from there, get my account switched to a business account for the same price but no cap after almost a month of fighting with a company that cannot find their head from there ass.
so if you see charges on you bill I would check it over you may just be getting charged for the not so free internet.


I Run my hand up you thigh

Well needless to say 4 more years of Obama style, I am happy to see some numbers when to the 3erd party though.  let's hope in change in 4 years were we do not have to decide between Dumb & Dumber.
For all you first timers out there never back down from a wet beaver, once you show you are not man enough they will never let you in there nice warm damp hidey-hole.

So the wife has made it very mandatory that we make a trip out west, besides the large sum of money and the fact of having 3 children she is determent to make it happen. What do I find the day after she comes to this decision, well needless to say I believe this may have planted a seed in my mind.

I would like to take a little step on the perverted side and share what made me laugh today, not only could I see myself doing something very similar but it would be with a complete stranger in a crowded room just for the laughs.